Fun-Key Church does Harvest THIS Sunday!

Not content in doing an Xtra service last Friday (see below for report and Xtra Gallery for all the photographs), Fun-Key does it all over again, but this time, back to our usual slot, and this time, without the Archbishop of York!!!

However, we would love YOU!!

Please come and join us for a Fun-Key version of Harvest, when we will be joined by our local Guide Dogs for the Blind, and singing traditional and modern harvest hymns and songs, prayers, readings, and activities including frieze making, leaf art and space to discuss the issues in more depth.  We will be collecting donations of food and produce for Mayor Stuart Parsons new Food Bank, so if you can bring something with you that would be brilliant.  Mothers Union Refreshments and puzzles and quizzes as ever available from 3.40pm.  Spread the word and come and join us for some meaningful Fun, Faith and Fellowship.  You will be very very welcome.

Gillian 07592016476


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