Fun-Key Church Harvest….

….was a true celebration of the gifts which God has given to us all.  We thanked God for his generosity and creativity.

Alongside singing traditional harvest hymns like “We plough the fields” and “All things bright and beautiful” we said prayers and read Our Harvest Reading.

Gillian then looked at the huge variety of fruit and vegetables and breads and pastas etc as an example of God’s creativity and goodness to the whole earth.  We acknowledged that somewhere down the line things had gone wrong with man and everything was not shared as well as it could be.  We looked at what we could do to share things more fairly including buying where possible Fairtrade items, fair milk prices and recycling.  We might not be able to do huge things but often lots of little add up to make a big difference.

We made milkshakes with fruits from the harvest and ethically purchased milk; we made pizza dough (and people sent in photos of their finished ones) with flour from the harvest; we made seed pictures with seeds and pulses from the harvest; we had a quiet mindfulness-type place looking at “the lilies of the field” from our reading; and we had a tent which was a space to look at and reflect on and pray about the refugee situation which is such a huge issue.

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We had the opportunity to find out more about Fairtrade as Joan brought her Traidcraft stall which was very popular.

All in all we celebrated and thanked God for his abundant love and provision for us all and prayed that we might play our part in sharing it with others.

After our service we took our harvest gifts of fresh and tinned produce to The Beacon who will use it to support ex-soldiers seeking rehabilitation and homes.

We look forward with much excitement to our next service on 25th Oct when we will celebrate the baptism of one of our youngest “Fun-Keys” Macy.

Please join us.  It will be very relaxed fun, faith and fellowship for all ages.


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