Fun-Key Church Harvest

We met on Sunday 25th Sept 2016 at 4pm, and shared a time of celebration and thankfulness of all that God gives us.  We thanked God for his generosity and were reminded that despite the fact that there should be enough to go round for everyone we aren’t always as a world very good at sharing.

Gillian told us the Stone Soup story, which reminded us that sometimes we need a gentle nudge from God to share what we have been blessed with, not just in the way of food, but also our gifts and talents, and money too.  In short, love one another, just as God loves us.  James also read Deuteronomy 26:1-11.

We made sweetcorn, decorated thankfulness stones, shared in the chocolate fountain (God’s overflowing love), made marshmallow rice krispie hay bails, sang hymns, Mark said prayers and enjoyed refreshments made by the lovely Mothers Union. We also had the opportunity to buy from the Traidcraft stall run by Alastair.

The harvest gifts which we brought were taken to The Beacon at Catterick Garrison which helps rehabilitate soldiers coming back home.

Many many thanks to all who come, all who plan and all who support.

Fun, faith and fellowship for all ages.


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