An afternoon all about God’s transforming power and love AKA The Wedding at Cana…

What a fun afternoon we had looking at the reading all about The Wedding at Cana.

Having sung the hymn of the same name and read the reading Scott then gave a really interesting talk all about God’s transforming power and love.  There was lots in it but in brief…

Mary said of Jesus – “Do as he says” to the stewards, and they did do as he said – they took the large containers of dirty washing water and as they poured them saw that they had changed in to the most beautiful wine ever.  And they were amazed not just because it was a miracle, but because the wine was the best immediately rather than saving it for later.

Scott gave everyone handbells and when we rang them together they made a chaotic noise. But when we followed the notes on the screen and the instructions Scott gave us, then they very nearly made a good tune!  And when Keith a beautiful violinist played Ave Marie for us he was so skilled as he’d followed the instructions of his teacher and used his gift and talent for music, then the music was amazing.  Fun-Key Church has never had a quieter moment!

Scott talked about how God can transform chaos into order, damage and brokenness in to beauty, and that his love can transform all things – these things may take time, and we need to listen to God, follow him, do as he says and trust.

We split up for about ten minutes and made miniature clay pots, paper water into wine dials, enjoyed a quiet corner round the font with the light tubes, the adults tasted wine and tried to work it which was the more expensive, and having done that also say which one we would prefer to serve at a wedding, and also did some crisp tasting and analysis – 5 lots of crisps ranging from value to salt and chardonnay wine vinegar.  The thinking being that God always gives of his best to us, and we should always try to give our best to others and God.

We thanked everyone for all they do at Fun-Key Church – our helpers, the MU with the refreshments, our musicians, and everyone who comes.

Scott led us in prayers and then we sang Love Divine as the words seemed perfect, and seeing as we had been talking about weddings, in a first for Fun-Key Church, we sang it accompanied by the organ, which was great.

Gillian closed the service with a final prayer and blessing and we all left looking forward to our next time together on Sunday 26th February at 4pm.

Fun, faith and fellowship for all ages.


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