Mothering Sunday – this Sunday 26th March 2017

This Sunday at 4pm we look forward to welcoming you to our Mothering Sunday service. Suitable for all ages and very relaxed and informal, we plan to look at what Mothering Sunday is all about and also to give thanks for those who have nurtured and encouraged and loved us.

We have lots planned including button craft, a quiet space, other crafts and activities, a short talk, some hymns, prayers and if you wish, helping make a marshmallow cathedral.  There is plenty more planned, so why not come along and enjoy a very relaxed but meaningful time.

We look forward to welcoming you.28077334763_446e060292_m


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  1. We had a really special afternoon – lovely turnout with some new faces as well as our regulars.
    The MU were wonderful with their teas and coffees and Scott really helped us look at Mothering Sunday with its original meaning (for when people who worked away were returning to the Mother church to go and worship with family and take pay home), and the more recent Mothers Day. We looked at nurturing and encouragement, and mothering, not just in a biological sense but also in a way that we can all do by building relationships in church, in families etc. But also the most important relationship between God and ourselves, both ways.
    We sang Bind us together, Dear Lord and Father, and He’s got the whole world.
    We made pencil toppers for gifts, book marks for gifts, an Easter preparation chatterbox, a quiet reflective space, and a marshmallow and spagetti cathedral (mother church).
    Most of all we had fun, faith and fellowship.
    PS we were joined by 2 hens – one laid an egg, and they sang along. Thinking behind that was from the quote in the bible “as a mother hen gathers her chicks”.
    For photos please see

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