Update…on the Road to Emmaus

We had a really special time on Sunday as we travelled along the Road to Emmaus.

After singing One More Step we watched The Miracle Maker Road to Emmaus then Gillian reminded us in a very short talk that sometimes when we are grief struck or troubled or just not thinking straight (like the disciples were that day having only days before seen their friend Jesus crucified) then it is sometimes hard to remember or to notice or glimpse sight of God.  But that we should never ever forget that regardless of that, God knows what it is to suffer, he knows grief, he knows joy and sorrow, and he travels with us every step of the way.

We split for activities – an optical illusions puzzle on the big screen; making the empty tomb; making resurrection biscuits; a quiet space with prayer stones to decorate if we wished; Lego road to Emmaus; and feet made out of old maps which said “walk with Jesus”.

After singing O Jesus I have promised, Scott led us in prayers finishing with The Lords Prayer, we then looked at what we’d done and why!

Then we closed with a rousing version of Thine Be The Glory and a final prayer and blessing said by Gillian.

As we left we gave our collection to The Mothers Union who have so kindly supported in prayer and with refreshments throughout our services at every Fun-Key Church service over the past 5 years.  We couldn’t do it without them, or without our happy band of very loyal and enthusiastic volunteers.  Here’s to the next 5 years of fun, faith and fellowship for all ages.

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