Ascension – the up-date!

Lots of fun, faith and fellowship was had on Sunday afternoon when we gathered to find out more about The Ascension.

Rev John helped us think about it by asking us what we thought strikers are doing when they point they fingers to the sky after scoring a goal – we decided it was them thanking God.  He said that our reading told us that 40 days after Jesus rose, he went back to heaven to be with Jesus, but that it was important to remember that heaven is everywhere, and Jesus is everywhere, not just up in the clouds.  Jesus was telling his disciples before he left them to go out there and to share his love and his story.  He was giving them confidence that they can do it – work together and to love, and so can we.

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We did plenty of activities – a trickier theme to plan for, hence the even quirkier activities – 2 science experiments – one with bicarbonate of soda and coloured vinegar – a few drops means the bicarb fizzes (the drops of vinegar – our prayers, and the fizzing – them going to God!); and the raisins rising to the top of a glass of lemonade.  We made prayer spirals which will spin when placed above a lamp; and made s’mores – (best not to ask why we made them – marshmallows – clouds etc – tasted good).

We also had a quiet space with our snoozling tubes round the font, and where we could make pledges of what we were going to go out and do – there is a part in the reading that says – don’t just stand there – go out and share the gospel.

Finally we had great prayers led by Scott for the world, for Manchester, for sick, those we miss and for ourselves and blew our bubbles when it came to “Lord hear our prayer”.

Finally, finally at the very end when we left, we tried the great diet cola experiment and put Mentos in to the bottle and watched the cola explode into the sky – Ascension!  Very silly but fun and all well meant!

A huge thank you to all who came, to the MU for the teas and coffees and to all who support in so many ways.

Roll on The Fun-Key Church Pet Service on Sunday 25th June at 4pm – pets of all shapes, sizes and ages welcome, and if you don’t have a pet, don’t worry – plenty else happening around.

Very relaxed fun, faith and fellowship for all ages.


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